We believe in having a Barber for life.
We want to connect with every customer who comes into our doors.
Knowing your barber personally is the difference with our shop.
Feel free to read our bios and see which barber suits you personally.

  • MATT PELLETIER (Owner/Barber)

    As a long-term resident of the Valley/Liberty Lake area since the early 90s, I have witnessed the significant growth and development of the region over the past several decades. As an experienced barber, I had the opportunity to work at Brickyard Barbershop in Spokane, but I knew I ultimately wanted to establish a shop closer to home. I worked hard to learn and understand the business of a barbershop and honing in my skill set as a barber. I'm Married with a lovely daughter and another child on the way, I place great importance on spending quality time with my family and close friends when I am not at the shop. I am deeply committed to delivering exceptional grooming services to my clients and take pride in being the owner of the Red Oak Barbershop.

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    (509) 844 - 6105 (Cell)

  • Jason Mark (Barber)

    I'm local to the area and have spent the last 6 years barbering in Coeur d'Alene and Spokane. I specialize in fades, texture and beards.
    *Ages 13+ Please*

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  • HUNTER MADDOX (Barber)

    As an experienced professional barber of seven years, I take great pride in my Pacific Northwest roots and enjoy partaking in the region's quintessential outdoor activities, such as mountain biking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. With a passion for my craft, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to my work, providing exceptional grooming services to my clients. While I relish spending time outdoors, I am equally dedicated to my profession and constantly strive to refine my techniques and develop new styles. My unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of my work, and I am proud to be a part of the Red Oak Barbershop team.

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    (509) 680 - 2751 (Cell)

  • SCHON BAZLER (Barber)

    I grew up in Coeur d'Alene and have been barbering for almost 5 years. I specialize in trending young adult styles, but I also enjoy all of the classic styles, fades and long cuts

    *Ages 12+ Please*

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    (208) 916-0165 (Cell)

  • ROB HOHNE (Barber)

    I enjoy the classic approach to being a barber. I love the art of shaving and traditional haircuts

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    (209) 351-0848 (Cell)

  • SHAWN HOGSED (Barber)

    Hi, I’m Shawn. After working in manufacturing for over 35 years, I wanted to do something that I was passionate about and turned to barbering and never looked back.  Being a barber is what I was meant to do.  I look forward to having you in my chair and meeting your grooming needs. See you in the shop!

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    (509) 710-2629 (Cell)